2015 Spring Renewal Classes

at Kindred Spirits in Mullica Hill


Healing and Empowerment through Positive Self-Relationship,

Wed. Feb. 18 at 6:30pm


Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship in your life. Wherever you go, whatever you do and whoever you are with, your Self-Relationship is there with you. It can be a root source of your wellbeing and healing.


In this class you will learn a strategy of honesty, acceptance and kindness that is more effective than denying or rejecting your negativity. Participants will learn how to create a personalized, positive phrase that uplifts and heals. This is a wisdom-based approach that turns negativity into useful and helpful information for guidance and insight and a pathway to a healing Self-Relationship. This class will show you how to build a solid inner foundation for Law of Attraction and other positive thinking methods for reaching your goals and improving your life.


Christine Hopkins, MA, BC-DMT, LCAT has over 25 years professional experience as a creative arts therapist leading groups, including teaching cognitive therapy. She has seen many times the transformational and healing results of showing people how to make use of their negativity, instead of struggling with it and being distressed by it. She is passionate about teaching positive self-relationship and helping people be more effective and fulfilled in their lives.


Mindfulness Meditation: Uniquely Healing for Your Brain,

Heart and Spirit, Wed. March 18 at 6:30pm


Students will learn what is unique about the Mindfulness method of meditation. This basic orientation to Mindfulness will show how it bypasses common barriers to meditation. Participants will learn about the wide-ranging, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. A brief overview of decades of scientific research proving these benefits will be provided. We will do a brief Mindfulness meditation and share about our experiences. Handouts will be provided.


Christine Hopkins, MA, BC-DMT, LCAT is a long time meditator who has taught over 500 classes of Mindfulness Meditation in mental health treatment settings and to the general public. She is a Board Certified-Dance/Movement Therapist, expert in body-mind connection and whole person healing.


Introduction to Shamanism: Your Personal Spiritual Connection with Nature, Healing and Guidance, Wed. April 22 at 6:30pm



Shamanism is an ancient approach to wellness, energy healing and spiritual contact through your imagination and the natural environment. Every human being has the ability to use shamanism for healing and spiritual development. It is practiced worldwide today and as far back as 100,000 years ago, according to archaeological findings. Participants will learn about the principles and practices of contemporary shamanism. We will connect with our cultural roots in shamanic realms and do a brief journey. Handouts and reading recommendations will be provided. Bring a frame drum and rattle if you have them.


Christine Hopkins, MA, BC-DMT, LCAT has been studying and practicing shamanism for the past year, after over 25 years professional experience providing body-mind-spirit healing through the creative arts therapies at hospitals, clinics, long term care facilities and in private practice. She has trained at The Four Winds Light Body School, the Harner Foundation for Shamanic Studies and with Sandra Ingerman. Her training in shamanic energy therapy is ongoing and includes personal practice, consultation with a shaman mentor, continuing education and over 100 sessions so far with clients. She has a private practice in shamanic energy therapy in Glassboro.


Your Brain On Drumming! Hand Drumming and Drum Circle Basics, Wed. May 20 at 6:30pm


Drum circles are used in schools, hospitals, mental health treatment and nursing homes to improve quality of life, mood and brain function. How does drumming heal your brain and uplift your mood? Participants will learn about “rhythmic entrainment,” brain research and the benefits of drumming. These benefits include tension release, improved attention and memory, joyful community and creative play. Then we’ll make rhythm music together in a drum circle experience. We’ll learn the basics of drum circle communication: listening and letting the spirit of the music-in-the-moment guide you. We’ll get out of our heads and into a dynamic, expressive, holistic state of consciousness. Bring a drum or hand percussion if you have them. There will be extras available at the class.


Christine Hopkins has been drumming for over 25 years and has never taken it too seriously! She has led numerous drum circles, played for dance classes, performed at festivals and community events and taught fundamentals of djembe. She loves to help people connect with their creativity and leave their anxiety behind. Informal music-making and improvisation are her favorite paths to bliss.





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