Frequently Asked Questions


What is energy healing?

Energy healing involves making changes in the energy field or energy architecture around your body, clearing old energy patterns that are no longer useful or needed. Your energy field is then illuminated and refreshed with new, unpatterned energy. You can think of energy as your Life Force or Nature or as a form of Spirit or Flow.


What is energy work helpful for?

My clients have had success overcoming past trauma, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Anxiety reduction, increased calmness and self-control have been positive results for clients. Others have used the energy work for business and financial goals and enjoyed positive results. Increasing spirituality and opening the heart to more love are goals clients have succeeded with. Strengthening relapse prevention and healing the emotional wounds that were part of addictive disease formation are important for some clients.


What are sessions like?

Sessions begin with conversation to explore and define your goal, issue, healing need. The shamanic energy work focuses on the intention you create. You'll be on a massage table fully clothed while I work in the space around your body in your chakras and energy field. There is a small amount of optional touch. Then we discuss to find a way for you to carry forward the energy changes. Sessions are about 1-1/4 hrs. or you may arrange a session length that fits for you.

How often do we meet?

For getting started, I suggest four to six sessions, either once a week or every two weeks, to develop our way of working together and reach your first New Results. Then we evaluate and plan. Or we can design a specific package of sessions, learning modules and support that fits your needs. Clients that make the deepest and most healing changes work with me for around 1-1/2 years.


Do you have experience helping people in sober recovery?

In 12-Step programs?

I am passionate about supporting people working 12-Step programs. I've been helping people deepen and strengthen their long term sober recovery throughout my career as a Creative Arts Therapist before becoming a Shamanic Practitioner.


Do I need to come in with defined goals?

Often the first several sessions focus on finding, defining and clarifying your goals for our work together. I am results-oriented and committed to the energy healing being effective for you. Your goals evolve along with your healing.


What kinds of goals fit with energy work?

Goals can be on any level: physical-mental-emotional-spiritual or any combination of some or all of the levels. As the energy work unfolds over time, clients' goals evolve as positive changes grow stronger in their lives. We may define smaller, specific objectives that are necessary steps towards your large goals.


Can I add shamanism sessions to other ongoing therapy or support?

Yes! Shamanism is harmonious with other methods. It's especially helpful for accelerating results in your psychotherapy or counseling and for helping you handle major life changes and transitions.


What is your fee? Sessions are $85 to $110 depending on length and location. Fees can be paid by cash, checks or PayPal--add $5 to cover PayPal's fee.


Other questions?

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