Examples of Goals and Results

  • Some clients already know what their goals are. Others get to clarity after a few sessions.

  • Clearly defining your goals and wishes is an important part of our work together.

  • Your focused intentions give guidance to the energy work processes.

  • As the energy therapy results show up in your daily life, your goals evolve.

  • It's teamwork--between your body-mind-emotions-spirit and the healed energy patterns in your field.

  • Below are examples of clients' successes with their issues. Your experiences will be unique to your journey.

Starting A New Life Chapter
After Grief and Loss

It just happens spontaneously: You clean out old clutter in your home, re-arrange things and get organized. You have more energy and are enthusiastic about your work, projects and goals. Your actions show that you have clearly completed mourning your losses and are renewed for a positive next phase!

Improving Your Business
Bottom Line

You want to feel more inspired and motivated about your business and get better results. Our sessions help clear stagnation from your energy field. You then feel more inspired, have new ideas and feel more deserving of success. Your actions become more focused and effective. Your bottom line improves!

Overcoming Phobia and
Gaining New Freedom

You've endured many years of trying to overcome panic and fears that stop you from doing things you want to do. We talk about the how and what of your fears and come to an understanding of how it all makes sense. The energy work clears your field of the old patterns and brings in new, present-day energy that is ready to support your new future. You become able to travel!

Increasing Connection
With Personal Spirituality

You want to feel more connected with your spiritual knowing and feel more secure in your conscious contact with intuition, guidance and the sacred. Talking about your spiritual experiences helps clarify your ways of contact. You feel more self-confident and trusting of how you perceive and communicate with the divine.

Opening the Heart to Receive A New Love Relationship

You've got old hurts and lingering fears about forming a love partnership again, yet you want to open up wholeheartedly to a new relationship. We discover how this is a reflection of your relationship with yourself. We clear your energy field and increase your readiness. You begin taking steps to develop a new love.

Learning and Growing from Relationship Stress

Difficult times in your primary relationship challenge you to grow, become more emotionally stable and grounded in yourself. You want to learn new and better ways of coping and rise above old habits of reacting. You learn to stand your ground, communicate clearly and calmly, set boundaries and take responsibility for your own feelings and actions. Your ability to approve of yourself and be honest and real has the potential to inspire renewal in your relationships. The energy work helps it happen faster.

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