Love Your River Ceremony - A social-distanced environmental shamanism ceremony in community. To express love and gratitude for Mother Nature and the powerful, beautiful life-giving Delaware River. Sun. June 28 at 11am on the beach at the river at Red Bank Battlefield Park in National Park, NJ.


The Delaware River is the 2020 River Of The Year--due to 75 years of environmental progress bringing the river back to life. The River Of The Year is awarded by Endangered Rivers American Rivers.


We will celebrate the river's renewal and energize more stewardship and renewal of nature to come! We will also cleanse our own emotional and energetic relationship with nature, releasing guilt and fears and then opening to our present and future of acting sustainably from love and appreciation.


Sun. June 28, we gather at 11am at the beach on the river at Red Bank Park. We will maintain social distancing. Bring fresh flowers and an open heart to receive spiritual healing and cleansing to uplift humanity's caring for our world. (I will be there rain or shine and invite you to show up likewise--unless there are thunderstorms. If you're wondering about storminess, Message me through or email or text me.)


This community event is free. Donations may be made to the --a spectacularly effective science and advocacy organization.

WisdomDance! with Live Music

SOLD OUT Sat. June 15.

Wisdom Dance!

Where Body Meets Mind

and Soul Emerges

in the Joy of Creative Movement

to Live Music

Sat. June 15, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Welcoming Adults of ALL Ages and Abilities

$20 person and Bring A Friend for $10

Pre-registration here and now is recommended.

Group size is limited!

Wisdom Dance! is guided and free dance/movement to live improvised music for awareness, creative flow, physical enjoyment and community.  It includes warm-up and cool down phases and a more open middle phase for exploration of a variety of moods for personal and group creativity.


Created by Christine Hopkins,

Board Certified-Dance/Movement Therapist with 30 years professional experience leading groups. Christine’s words and movement cues are based on  dance/movement therapy processes and techniques. She responds in the moment to what the dancers and musicians are doing and always encourages freedom in how each person participates.


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