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WisdomDance! with Live Music

SOLD OUT Sat. June 15. Next time will be in early-mid Fall 2019.

Wisdom Dance!

Where Body Meets Mind

and Soul Emerges

in the Joy of Creative Movement

to Live Music

Sat. June 15, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Welcoming Adults of ALL Ages and Abilities

$20 person and Bring A Friend for $10

Pre-registration here and now is recommended.

Group size is limited!

Wisdom Dance! is guided and free dance/movement to live improvised music for awareness, creative flow, physical enjoyment and community.  It includes warm-up and cool down phases and a more open middle phase for exploration of a variety of moods to for personal and group creativity.


Created by Christine Hopkins,

Board Certified-Dance/Movement Therapist with 30 years professional experience leading groups. Christine’s words and movement cues are based on  dance/movement therapy processes and techniques. She responds in the moment to what the dancers and musicians are doing and always encourages freedom in how each person participates.


Live Music Accompaniment offers diverse, sensitive moods in dialogue with the dancers and is provided by these wonderful musicians:

Anne Johnson is an experienced vocalist and improviser. She enjoys singing into the here-and-now and offering her music in dialogue with dancers.

Paul Simmons is an expert conga player whose style is sensitive and tasteful. He teaches user-friendly hand drumming classes on Monday evenings in the Evesham, NJ area.

Danny B. loves making music with hand percussion, Native American flute, voice and other instruments. He and his wife Karen host creative drumming circles in Cape May year-round.

Dennette Beth Myers is a transformational sound healer and founder of BodycentricHealingArts.com in Bryn Mawr, PA. She will play frame drums and percussion for the dancers. Her deep expertise includes singing bowls, gong baths and soundscape meditations. She provides professional trainings for  massage therapists and bodyworkers.

Pre-registration through PayPal here is recommended.

Group size is limited so we have room to move!

Questions? contact Christine at NewResultsHealingArts@gmail.com