If I can heal, you can, too! I will help you find your own ways of healing--specific to your needs and progress over time.
The triumph of healing and victory over past wounds is magnificent! I invite you to arrive at that destination yourself as soon as possible, so you will enjoy the fruits and rewards throughout your positive future.
My gifts to share with you include: Grit, Determination and Know-how. These gifts come from my journey of healing from childhood and adult traumas using many methods and combinations of methods.
My work as your therapist and shamanic practitioner includes helping you focus, learn, be willing, accept healing changes and integrate.
I offer you courage and stamina for difficult conversations--then you relax into the shamanic energy healing part of sessions.
I am enthusiastic about your moving into positive life changes, because I know you're worth it and soon you know this, too.
I'm confident you can make progress into your positive future, because I've seen so many people do this despite adversity, multiple issues, and many years of struggle.
I know because I was one of them.
Together we will focus on co-creating effectiveness and reaching your New Results.


  • NCC National Certified Counselor (NBCC.org)

  • CCTP Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

  • BC-DMT Board Certified-Dance/Movement Therapist

  • SAP Sacred Arts Practitioner


  • 30 years professional Creative Arts Therapist experience in mental health and addictions  programs.

  • Completed trainings in multicultural competencies, neurobiology, physiological psychology, spirituality and mental health, shamanism and much more.

  • Mindfulness Meditation teacher with 14 years experience taught over 600 classes in hospital and communities.

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