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*Looking for help to overcome chronic physical and emotional pain?
*Struggling with body-mind challenges like fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety?
*Burdened with residue--physical and mental--from injuries, traumas, diagnosis, medical procedures?
*Discouraged and frustrated by not reaching your goals despite long term efforts?
*Suffering from painful feelings of shame and negativity that block you?
*Needing help to overcome past trauma effects and create a positive, healed future?
*Reduce and resolve body-mind-spirit symptoms
*Gain positive momentum to accelerate progress towards health and life goals
*Make a positive adjustment to difficult life events, losses and unexpected changes
*Get out of those old patterns from the past and develop your healed positive future
*Improve wellness habits with deep motivation--
not struggling with willpower
*Deepening and strengthening your sober Recovery

Revitalizing Your Life with

Shamanic Energy Therapy